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We are built upon efficiency, simplicity & putting the client first.

Rather than just pushing products onto you, we like to meet with you and understand your needs. We then run through all of the scenarios with you, to establish what options work best for you. The best way to find out more is to book a consultation with us, however if you would like to find out a little more about what we offer, then please read below.

our objective

Throughout our lives most of us will need the assistance of a legal practitioner.

Kieran Osborne Professional Services is built upon efficiency, simplicity and putting the client first.We act as independent Barrister Intermediaries, offering a variety of services such as Wills, Trusts and Legacy Planning dependent on our client needs. We have years of experience in giving honest and trustworthy advice. Throughout our lives most of us will need the assistance of a legal practitioner. This can be for a variety of occasions, including:

✓ You need to make a will
✓ You have or are looking to start a new business
✓ You are preparing to pass your business down to your family
✓ You have or are looking to start a family
✓ You would like to set up a Legacy Plan
✓ You want to ensure your family is looked after in the event of your death
✓ You are getting a divorce or separation

No one lawyer or firm can profess to be an expert in all areas and finding the right person to represent you is what’s most important.
This is where Kieran Osborne Professional Services come in. All our advice comes with easy to understand terms and tailored, fixed fees, so clients know exactly how much their case will cost at each stage. The process from start to finish is kept as simple and streamlined as possible. We meet with the client; choose the preferred option; draft documents for approval; sign, audit and register the final documents; and, if required, store the documents on behalf of the client.

As Barrister Intermediaries, we must follow the codes of conduct and service standards that are demanded of us. We ensure our clients have all the information available to them so they can consider every eventuality. Our job is to help our clients make the best decision for them and their loved ones.

Cuts out
the legal jargon

Simple, so that everyone

At your
own pace.

Upgrade options available as and
and when needed


our team

Only the best

Kieran Osborne

Founder and Barrister Intermediary

Kieran began his career as a Business Relationship Manager with Lloyds Bank, but in 2017 was made redundant. He was headhunted by an accountancy firm to open a legal arm of their business and this triggered an interest in Estate Planning. He began to think about the bigger picture and started looking more closely at what I saw as a gap in the market.It was clear to him there was a need for proactive legacy planning; a need for someone who could really talk to people about what their hopes were for their loved ones after they have gone. To talk through everything before committing their wishes to paper. Kieran had long held the ambition to create a brand he could say was his, and that made a difference to local people, where I can become a face and name that people know, like and trust. In June 2017 he formed KieranOsborne Professional Services, gaining valuable experience in a wide range of legal disciplines, however focusing mainly on Legacy Planning. Throughout his career, he has developed a significant wealth of experience helping clients with a whole range of issues from wills and estates to complex tax planning for high net worth individuals, and financial advice through one of his many trusted partners.

Maria Greenwood

Barrister Intermediary

Maria previously worked for 15years as a director overseeing the export of children's educational material around the globe. She has worked in and around Sevenoaks all her life and often travels around the south east to see family and friends. Maria always has the client at the heart of everything she does, often forging great relationships with clients spanning several generations.

Jodie Osborne

Barrister Intermediary

Jodie spent several years as an account manager and financial consultant within the Financial Services sector.She has a wealth of experience assisting clients on a day to day basis. After having a break to bring up her two children, she joined our close-knit team.Jodie is best placed to give clients advice and assistance in preparing theirLegacy Planning.  

Tina Osborne

Barrister Intermediary

Tina is passionate about helping others and takes great pride in her role as a Barrister Intermediary. It is this trait which she credits for giving her the ability to assist clients to fully prepare a Legacy Plan for their loved ones.Tina was born and lives in Kent, ‘The Garden ofEngland’, and her greatest passion are her family and her dogs. She has enjoyed a very rewarding career over the years from teaching within a specialist behavioural unit in a secondary school, to caring for the elderly and infirm in their own homes with Social Services. Tina’s love of dogs eventually led her back to college to train as a dog groomer, where she became the owner of a very successful grooming salon and boarding kennels. Her career then took its current path when she retrained as a Barrister Intermediary and joined our team.

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